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I've been showing thousands of families for over 30 years now, how to stop their chronic pain & inflammation, permanently! Health propaganda, the status quo and of course the entire medical industry tells you that if you are sick, if you're in pain, then it's your genes or the environment and therefore you need more drugs, more supplementation, or both! Yet over half the population here continues to suffer from chronic pain & inflammation, and it's just getting worse every day!

No Wonder We Now Have A Serious Opioid Epidemic

Obviously there is something fundamentally wrong with how everyone treats their chronic pain & inflammation. It starts with understanding the basic cause of pain, which could only be injury! This means chronic pain & inflammation can only be the result of chronic injury, right? Let me show you a sketch I made some years ago when I tried to show what this toxic accumulation looks like over time..

Toxic Accumulation Cycle

No one wants to feel pain every day and then have that pain become chronic - no one does! Yet, the masses keep listening to 'doctors' who can't even prevent a cold, let alone stop your chronic pain holistically and permanently. And no matter how much healthier you eat and drink or how much more you exercise, the chronic pain & inflammation still persists. Ever felt frustrated by this? Let me tell you the REAL reason why your chronic pain persists..

Decades Of Toxic Accumulation

When you have accumulated decades of pesticides, GMOs, pollutants, allergens and toxins, it becomes almost impossible to feel healthier permanently and many can't lose any weight no matter how hard they try. This accumulation also causes you to continually lose vital nutrition every day, too, even if you take vitamins daily. Did you know most people diagnosed with serious illness claim to have eaten healthy, exercised often and took vitamins every day? Yet they still got sick! This is proof that there is too much toxic accumulation in your body already preventing you from achieving real health. So, you must start cleansing the right way now before it's too late.

This Is Your Missing Link Back To The Health You Have Been Looking For For So Long!

I know this in my heart to be absolutely true, because I have seen thousands of mothers, fathers and children, go from sick and in pain, to healthy and pain-free! How? By cleaning out years, decades of pesticides, GMOs, pollutants, allergens and toxins, including parasites, mercury, heavy metals, drugs, radiation and so much more! Let me help YOU finally live pain-free again, with absolutely no pills.

Note: I call this a cleanse, because it happens to clean out decades of toxic accumulation, but it's actually a meal replacement! All you do is replace your breakfast every day and gradually your injury heals while your pain consistently decreases, until you're finally pain-free - it's truly amazing! And of course every age, from fetus to senior all improve and there are never any side-effects or interactions with anything!

Here are some reviews from just a few friends who were suffering from pain & inflammation for many years, but now finally feel so much better!

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disclaimer: theHealthFoodGuru is not a medical doctor and this information is his expressed opinion.